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Things You Do that Annoy Your Pup

Ever wonder if you are annoying your dog? Whether joking around, trying to show affection, or straying from their beloved schedules, we are all guilty of annoying our dogs. Here are a few things to be mindful of:

  1. Hugging. Humans love hugging! Although some dogs may tolerate gentle hugs, they likely don't enjoy them. You may hug your own pup all the time without issues, but be careful hugging unfamiliar dogs. Because your arms are around their neck, dogs may perceive this as threatening or an assertion of dominance.
  2. Waking them. Waking your dog up from a nap probably feels about the same as your alarm clock buzzing. Older dogs -- especially those suffering from hearing loss who might not hear you approaching -- can get especially agitated by this. So try to let your sleepy pup snooze away!
  3. Inconsistency. Dogs love routines. If you sleep in and postpone breakfast and your morning walk, you will likely wake up to an annoyed dog. They also get confused when you change around the rules. If you ask your pup to sit on the couch with you most days, she won't understand when you tell her to get off the couch when you have guests over. 
  4. Commands out of context. Your dog is far from fluent in English. She only knows a few words, and they are important ones. Talking about “walks”, “breakfast”, and “treats” out of context can confuse your pup. 
  5. Patting. Patting a dog on the head can be unpleasant for them. Instead, find his sweet spot and go crazy (long belly rubs are generally a safe bet). 
  6. Costumes. We love a good dog outfit as much as the next dog parent, but sometimes the cutest costumes are pretty annoying to wear. If it’s cold and he need extra layers, reward your dog with treats after dressing him. Costumes or accessories covering your dog’s paws or head may be more bothersome than other clothes. Usually dogs' faces say it all; if they look annoyed, they probably are!