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Dog social media trends

We already knew that dogs were the cutest, but these challenges just prove it :) Here are Pupkin’s top 5 dog social media trends of this year:


5. Hotdog Challenge

To start us out at number 5, we have the Hotdog Challenge. The challenge is conducted by flipping a box upside down and cutting holes in it. You then stick a hot dog through the holes to confuse the dog-- think whack-a-mole but better.


4. Good Boy/Good Girl challenge

The next challenge is to test your dog’s retraint around food. This challenge is usually completed by leaving a plate of food on the floor or a low table, and you leave the room. Leave a camera set up in front of where the food is to watch their reactions to the food! The idea is that the dog is a good boy if he leaves the food, and a not so good boy if he eats it before you get back. But let’s be honest, all dogs are good dogs ;)


3. The Snoot Challenge

It is not clear how this challenge started, but we’re glad it did. We ranked this at number three because it’s just so darn cute. The basic concept of the challenge is that you train your dog to come to you and place their nose in the circle made by your fingers (see photo for visual). In this case, and in most cases, the failures are just as cute and funny as the successes.


2. Invisible Challenge

Notching in at number two on our list is the Invisible challenge. To complete this challenge, you need plastic wrap and a doorway. First, tape sheets of plastic wrap across the doorway, making as tight as you can so it is harder to see. Next, call your dogs from the other room, so that they will, in theory, try to run through the doorway that you put plastic wrap on. The point of the challenge is to see whether the dog notices the plastic or tries to run right through it.


1. What the Fluff Challenge

Finally, at number one, we have the most viral of all, the “What the Fluff” challenge. Not only does it have a clever name, it also can result in some hilarious reactions from your pup. To complete this challenge, you need a large blanket and a doorway-- with the specific qualification that the doorway has an adjacent room to allow for a speedy getaway. The idea behind the challenge is that you are magically disappearing behind the blanket. This challenge clinched the top spot because it elicits such a wide array of reactions from dogs-- from howling to the dog finding their owner immediately to the dog not caring that their human just disappeared.