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Dog & Owner Halloween Costumes

As Halloween approaches, we all have the same question: What should I dress up as? And more importantly, how can I make a costume for me and my pup? This October, we have some great costume ideas for you and your pup!

  1. Pumpkin & Scarecrow: Feeling fall fresh, dress up as some fall favorites! Your little pupkin can dress as one of our favorite dog-friendly ingredients, and you can match with a DIY scarecrow outfit! Feel free to bring along some of our Pupkin treats :)
  2. Dorothy & Toto/ Lion: If you have an urge to braid your hair and throw on that iconic blue checkered dress and ruby slippers, toss your smaller pup in a basket to take your Dorothy costume to the next level. If there isn’t a basket big enough for your pup, try getting them a mane, and pair up as Dorothy and the Cowardly Lion. 
  3. Curious George: If you have some extra yellow clothes laying around, this easy DIY costume is great paired with a monkey costume for your pup. You could add a banana toy as an extra prop and to serve as entertainment for your new monkey pal. 
  4. Shaggy & Scooby Doo: If you have a larger dog, Scooby Doo is a great choice for a Halloween costume! Just throw on a green shirt and brown pants, and grab your pup a blue collar. If you have enough people, you could invite your friends to be the remaining Scooby Squad! Make sure to carry around some “scooby snacks” to keep the pup happy!
  5. Chewbacca & Hans Solo: If your pup has a coat like Chewy’s, this costume is super easy! Grab a long sleeve white T, a vest, black pants or leggings, and some riding boots for your Solo costume. Add a lightsaber for yourself and a toysaber for your pup too! 
  6. Dragon & Daenerys Targaryen: For Games of Thrones lovers, get your pup in a dragon costume or dress them in some home-made wings and pair up in one of the many Daenerys gown costumes. Add a wig or try out some fancy braids. This Halloween you can be “The Mother of (your very own) Dragon"!
  7. Ariel & Sebastian: If you’re a redhead or have a red pup, this is a great option! Get your pup a lobster costume, and you can wear a bikini top with a towel or purchase an Ariel costume. Don’t forget a nice fork to comb both you and your pup’s hair. 
  8. Hot Dog & Vendor: If your pup has ever reminded you of a hot dog, throw them in a classic puppy hot dog costume! To match your pup, grab an apron and some sort of chef hat. If your pup is small, you could even make a small box to hold them in and add a price for your “hot dogs”!
  1. Whatever costume you choose, make sure to beware of your pup’s comfort zone. Costumes covering your pup’s head and/or paws may bother them. You may want to give your pup treats while dressing them.