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Breed Spotlight: GoldenDoodle


Serena, our chief dog, is a mini goldendoodle. She’s spirited, playful, obedient, and absolutely adorable! Because we love goldendoodles here at Pupkin, we have a few fun facts about this newly popular designer dog:

Designer Dog: Goldendoodles were first bred in the 1990s. The non-shedding coat and athleticism of the poodle paired with the intelligent and friendly nature of the retriever combine to create this fun, highly affectionate hybrid. This doodle crossbreed is growing in popularity due to their fantastic family features, and adorable looks! 

Family Dog: Goldendoodles are notoriously known for their amicable nature. They tend to be great with kids and other dogs. Being intelligent and huge people-pleasers, goldendoodles are highly obedient and trainable, and have grown to become excellent guide-dogs and therapy dogs. The goldendoodle is also patient, loyal, and gentle. They are highly energetic, making them very playful and sometimes hyper, so make sure they get their daily 20-30 minutes of exercise. Because of the goldendoodle’s interactive social behavior, they should live in the house- not outside. All of these traits of the goldendoodle add up to create one of the best family dogs!

Hypoallergenic: Another trait of the goldendoodle is that they are hypoallergenic. Because they are part poodle, these doodles have hair instead of fur. This means that goldendoodles do not shed, or barely shed. Not only is this beneficial to pet-owners with allergies, but also relieves pet-owners cleaning duties. Less shedding means less vacuuming, and more playtime!

Diverse Looks: Because goldendoodles are cross-bred, their looks vary in color, size, and hair patterns. The golden retriever can be crossed with poodles of varying sizes: miniature (15-30lbs), medium (30-45lbs), and standard (45-100lbs). The different sizes allow for owners to choose an appropriate size to fit their liking and living situation. The goldendoodle’s coat can have curly, shaggy/ wavy, or straight hair depending on their parents. Their coat can also fluctuate in color, often shades of red, tan, black, and creamy white. 

The goldendoodle’s pawfect personality and looks make for the pawfect pup! We love our Serena and all her great goldendoodle qualities!