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5 Ways to Calm Your Pup on the 4th

POW! Fireworks are a great way to celebrate the 4th of July. They're loud, festive, and fun! Well… your pup may not enjoy the annual tradition as much as you do. 

Why is this? Many dogs fear loud noises, and ~40% of dogs suffer from "noise anxiety". The intense claps of the fireworks can sound like impending doom to dogs, triggering their fight or flight instincts. They may seem anxious when you leave the room, begin excessively licking their paws or try to run away. 

In fact, so many dogs run away during fireworks that some animal shelters report that July 5th is their busiest day of the year!

We want your pup to get through the summer feeling furry, fresh, and fearless! So, in order to make sure your four-legged friend stays safe and comfortable for the 4th, here are a few helpful tips from Pupkin:

5 Tips from Pupkin

  1. Keep a calm and positive environment throughout the fireworks and avoid making additional loud noises. If possible, set up shop in a windowless room and muffle the noise by playing quiet calming music.
  2. Compression vests can help relieve your pup’s anxiety. These shirts compress your dog’s body, having a similar effect to a comforting hug. Compression vests come in many designs, so that your dog can be comfortable and festive.
  3. Try desensitizing your dog to the noise by playing calibrated recordings of fireworks leading up to the main show.
  4. TREATS! Depending on the level of anxiety your dog is experiencing, you can try giving your pup treats at every explosion (and saying “Treats!” in a positive way) to begin conditioning your pup to associate fireworks with something positive. We'd obviously recommend our delicious, handmade Pupkin Treats
  5. Talk to the vet. If you are really worried about your pup’s anxiety, check in with your veterinarian.